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2286Re: apache::asp maintenance ,again

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  • Thanos Chatziathanassiou
    Aug 14, 2011
      On 14/08/2011 10:43 πμ, Tsirkin Evgeny wrote:
      > Hi all.
      > Yes ,we are still using the apache::asp ,it is a great peace of software
      > after all.
      > And we want to thank the original authors for the work they have done.
      > Anyway ,it looks like there is not a lot of going on with the module now.
      > Still, we are maintaining a very big application that uses it.
      > We use perl + Apache::ASP extensively .
      > I guess there are others out there in our position.
      > Also, It looks like there is a need for at least one patch being applied .
      > So ,maybe the original authors want to take the maintenance back?
      > Or is there anybody with write permissions on the module in CPAN?
      > We don't want any changes etc... just to make sure that everything works.
      > Thanks
      > Evgeny

      I have numerous fixes for Apache::ASP including the one mentioned here.
      I'd gladly pick up maintenance for Apache::ASP if Josh is willing to let
      me have it and is actually following this list.
      Truth is I haven't heard from him since 20090328 when we were discussing
      a generic Apache::Session interface for state management.
      I have this thing working in-house but numerous requests for comments on
      this very list went unanswered.
      I naturally thought Apache::ASP is dead (at least for the rest of the
      world) and went along happily using our in-house version.
      Said patch is rather large and (at the moment) ugly, but seems to work
      just fine.
      I also have a patch for geany (version 0.18 sadly) to work with perl
      powered asp pages and a wordlist for ultraedit to do the same thing.
      - Josh, if you're listening and feel like it, would you please resume
      maintaining Apache::ASP ?
      - If you are listening but don't care, would you give co-maintainer
      status to someone ?
      - If neither is happening, we'll either need to fork off some other
      namespace or have an unofficial distribution. I did the second one by
      accident once and it's not overly complicated, though instead of ``perl
      -MCPAN -e'install Apache::ASP''', one would need ``perl -MCPAN
      -e'install authors/W/WHOEVER/Apache-ASP-X.Y.Z''' or some such. It's
      certainly not the best solution, but it is workable.

      Best Regards,
      Thanos Chatziathanassiou

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