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2270RE: File upload problem / $Request->Form problem

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  • Andrew Koebrick (ADM)
    Jul 1 10:07 AM
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      Thank you for the response.

      I had actually tried this syntax:

      if ($Request->{Method} eq 'POST') {
      my $form = $Request->Form;
      # process $form->{stuff} here

      But I can not seem to access anything from the form via this method. In fact there seems to be little I can get from the Request object. If I submit my form and try:
      print "Request total bytes $Request->{TotalBytes}<br>";
      print "Request method $Request->{Method}<br>";

      I get:
      Request total bytes 0
      Request method POST

      Also when I try to grab any form content via the construct you suggest, I get no content. For example, in my form I have a required field 'Title'. Testing access to my fields using both CGI and the native asp methods:

      my $form = $Request->Form;
      my $title = $form->{'Title'};
      my $title2 = $query->param("Title");
      print "asp title: $title<br>";
      print "cgi title: $title2<br>";

      results in

      asp title:
      cgi title: test title

      Any ideas on what could be botching or interfering with the Request object?

      Andrew Koebrick

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      Subject: Re: File upload problem

      Andrew Koebrick (ADM) wrote:
      > (http://www.apache-asp.org/cgi.html) that the recommendation is to roll
      > back to CGI v2.78.

      The docs are just giving that version as a known-working example. I've
      successfully uploaded files to servers running CGI.pm v2.89 and v3.15.

      > I end up with an empty file on my server.

      Empty, or missing?

      If you're expecting to access the actual file-on-disk, rather just read
      the data via a file handle, you need to set

      PerlSetVar FileUploadTemp 1

      in your httpd.conf file. Otherwise, Apache deletes the temp file it
      uses to hold the upload. As an example of why you'd care, my code sets
      this configuration variable this because the first thing it does is 'mv'
      the file to its new permanent home in the filesystem.

      > If I try to read directly from
      > request->Form I get the error:

      Perl is case-sensitive, and the $ is not optional. It's
      "$Request->Form". I typically do this at the top of pages that receive
      form posts:

      if ($Request->{Method} eq 'POST') {
      my $form = $Request->Form;
      # process $form->{stuff} here

      Being able to access the form values via $form saves a lot of typing.

      > my $filename = $query->param("Identifier-upload");

      I would only use CGI.pm to set up the file upload form, as described in
      the Apache::ASP docs. I wouldn't continue to use it on the POST
      handling side like this. Apache::ASP has its own mechanisms, which I'd
      trust more. Using the shorthand above, you'd say

      my $filename = $form->{Identifier-upload};


      > my $upload_filehandle = $query->upload("Identifier-upload");

      Again, you're fighting Apache::ASP by doing things through CGI.pm that
      Apache::ASP already does. If you want just the file handle, that's


      ...in ASP-speak. See http://www.apache-asp.org/cgi.html#File%20Upload

      If you set the httpd.conf variable as above, the name of the file is in


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