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2240Re: Re: Getting ASP working

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  • Chris Nicholls
    Sep 18, 2008

      > So, you can continue trying to make the thing do what it doesn't want to
      > do, or you can move web service to a plain old VPS with a default OS
      > install. Then you'll find that all the instructions start working,
      > because the instructions were written with the assumption that you're
      > working with a sane OS.
      > Initially painful? Oh yes. Better in the long term? Much.


      FWIW, I second this. I have had several hosting packages which used the
      Plesk control panel, which promises Apache::ASP support. Inevitably the
      Apache::ASP configuration specified in the read-only vhost.conf file
      would be wrong. For example, having PerlSetVar Global /tmp, but not
      allowing access to /tmp via FTP, so no easy way to create/edit global.asa

      While it was possible to ask the hosting provider to make manual changes
      to the vhost configuration files, these changes would get lost every
      time they upgraded the systems. Plus there was no way for me to restart
      Apache if I made a change to a Perl .pm library.

      Now have my own server and not looked back since.

      Good luck!


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