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2239Re: Getting ASP working

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  • Warren Young
    Sep 16, 2008
      Tom wrote:
      > I've googled and read for days but I'm still unsure of what I'm missing,
      > I had mod-perl 1 which I have now uninstalled and am unable to install
      > mod-perl 2 via easyapache3 in WHM (errors out).

      This is the problem with these control panels which aim to make things
      "easy". It's only easy if you only want to do exactly what they've
      already provided. Once you step off their path, you end up fighting the
      control panel because they've f'd the base OS stuff up something good.

      Me, hard bitten and gun shy? Oh yeah you betcha.

      So, you can continue trying to make the thing do what it doesn't want to
      do, or you can move web service to a plain old VPS with a default OS
      install. Then you'll find that all the instructions start working,
      because the instructions were written with the assumption that you're
      working with a sane OS.

      Initially painful? Oh yes. Better in the long term? Much.

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