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2238Getting ASP working

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  • Tom
    Sep 15, 2008
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      Hi all,

      Hello to everyone. :)

      I have a WHM/cpanel server running RHEL4 and apache 2.2.

      I used to have a working ASP (using cpanels apache-asp.sea (which is now
      obsolete)) with apache 1.3 but since upgrading I can't get it working
      with 2.2.

      I can run asp-perl from shell and asp works but not in the browser.

      I've googled and read for days but I'm still unsure of what I'm missing,
      I had mod-perl 1 which I have now uninstalled and am unable to install
      mod-perl 2 via easyapache3 in WHM (errors out).

      This link http://www.apache-asp.org/cgi.html explains how to use
      Apache::ASP without mod-perl and I have tried but it only seems to be
      for apache 1.

      I'm at my wits end.

      Can someone point me in the right direction please?


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