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2237RE: Apache::ASP Installation Issue

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  • Randy
    Aug 19, 2008
      Thanks a bunch! I'll get right on these configuration changes, and let you
      know how they worked out.

      I had a feeling (being so inexperienced with Apache configuration) that it
      wasn't even set up. Somehow, being a long-time Windows user, I sort of
      expected the installer to take care of basic configuration.

      I will definitely look into what global.asa does and where to put it, as
      well as how to secure it. Thanks!

      <Directory "D:\Xxxxxxx\xxxxxx"> refers to the home directory of my website
      (the names were changed to protect the innocent) and they do work.

      I will also look into what State.Dir is.

      Since this is a Windows box...yes, it's probably using the system user by

      Thanks again.


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      Randy wrote:
      > In the browser, I get the asp script.

      That means Apache::ASP isn't even being called for the page, which is an
      Apache configuration problem, not a problem with Apache::ASP. (Problems
      with Apache::ASP or the ASP pages themselves show up as complaints in

      In all of what you posted about your httpd.conf contents, I don't see
      that you've actually configured Apache to use Apache::ASP. This is from
      the top of the configuration section of the manual:

      PerlModule Apache::ASP
      <Files ~ (\.asp)>
      SetHandler perl-script
      PerlHandler Apache::ASP
      PerlSetVar Global .
      PerlSetVar StateDir /tmp/asp

      I posted something much like it in my initial reply to you. It applies
      just as well on Windows as on Linux. Apache is Apache.

      > I don't seem to have a global.asa file anywhere on the server.

      I don't know that Apache::ASP fails to work without it, but you do want
      it. Here's the default one:


      Search for global.asa on apache-asp.org for more on what it does.

      Also see the documentation for the Global configuration option to see
      how to change where global.asa lives:


      In the snippet above, it appears it's telling Apache::ASP to look in the
      same directory as your .asp files, which may not be a good thing if you
      want the contents of your global.asa to be secret. You can use the
      Global directive to put global.asa outside the document tree, so Apache
      won't serve it. Alternately, you can configure Apache to never serve *.asa.

      > <Directory "D:\Xxxxxxx\xxxxxx">

      Are you sure this section actually works? From the Apache platform
      notes for Windows:

      > because Apache uses Unix-style names internally, you must use forward
      > slashes, not backslashes


      > What is the StateDir? Never heard of it.

      It's in the manual: http://apache-asp.org/config.html#StateDir

      > By "the httpd user" to whom do you refer?

      The user that Apache runs under. It might not be your user account. If
      you run it as a Windows service, by default, it runs as the SYSTEM user.

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