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2221peculiar error (?)

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  • Thanos Chatziathanassiou
    Nov 26, 2007
      Since yesterday, apache keeps spitting stuff like this in its error log:
      compilation error: file unknown-000437603808 element output
      invalid value for method: HTML
      without further info.
      The error message is always like this, with only the
      ``unknown-XXXXXXXXXXXX'' part different. Comparing this to the
      access.log doesn't reveal any erred requests, i.e. all entries around
      that time are 200's or 304's.
      The lack of a timestamp on the message does not make me very confident
      about the no-errors part, but this is as far as I could see.

      Anyone know who/what might by emitting these messages (google did return
      something about HTML::FormValidator::Results and HTML::Lint, but I'm not
      using either) ?

      Thanos Chatziathanassiou

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