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2206Accessing session object outside of the Apcaeh::ASP environment

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  • Andrew Koebrick
    Jul 12, 2007

      I am attempting to access the session object from another program, not
      running under Apache::ASP. I recall seeing the syntax to do this on
      http://www.apache-asp.org at some point but now can't find it.

      Basically, I was to get the session user name so that I can use it to
      pre-authenticate folks when they move between my applications and a
      forum software package (Mwforum) I am attempting to integrate.

      Any pointers?

      Andrew Koebrick
      Systems Administrator / Librarian
      Minnesota Department of Administration. Office of Geographic and
      Demographic Analysis
      658 Cedar St.
      St. Paul, MN 55101


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