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2193Re: apache::asp maintenance

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  • Warren Young
    Jun 18, 2007
      Tsirkin Evgeny wrote:
      > I was interested to know what is the apache::asp maintenance status?
      > Is it still maintained?Is it dead?
      > I have some applications here written in apache::asp and killing it ,for
      > now ,is not
      > an option.So ,are there people, except me, that are interested in the
      > module?Are there
      > people out there using this and maintaining it?

      Well, on the one hand, the last update to the library was over two years
      ago, and the last post by its primary author was nearly a year and a
      half ago.

      On the other hand, I'm not aware of anything so badly wrong with it that
      we need someone to step in and take over. I think there are enough
      people using the library that it'd be valuable to see some new
      development, but I don't think the library is in danger of becoming
      irrelevant just yet. It still works, and it's still useful as it is.

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