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2173Re: Apache::ASP with Worker MPM

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  • Tom Haapanen
    Dec 5, 2006
      On 2006-12-05 09:38, Fagyal Csongor wrote:
      > Now there is some static content that I want to control access to --
      > but I presume that I can do that in the Apache2 front end, passing
      > those requests to Apache1.3?
      > If you use .htaccess, Apache2 could server as an authenticator. If you
      > server the content via Apache1, just proxy the request, there is an
      > indirect performance gain there, too.

      I need to do database-driven authentication so .htaccess won't cut it,
      but I think I can just pass those requests along (I can match by URL).

      > The good thing is you can try this easily before you switch to the new
      > config.
      > Just set up Apache2 on a random port, like 12345, set the proxy to the
      > regular site, and try the site through the new proxy-ed. If it works,
      > you can move the backend to, say, 8080, and Apache2 to the regular 80
      > http port. That's something like a 30 seconds of downtime, and all
      > works afterwards.

      Any reason why I shouldn't have Apache 1.3 listen only on
      That way I could prevent a bypass of the reverse proxy.

      Thanks for the samples ... have set up an extra IP address for the
      reverse proxy (on the current server) for now and will do some experiments.


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