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  • D. L. Fox
    Oct 17, 2006
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      howdy, all. I was on this list for quite some time a while back, but
      then signed off the net for a bit. Didn't hardly even touch a computer.
      (Can you say "withdrawal"??) Recently made my way back on and have
      rejoined this list.

      Does anyone have a list of web hosts that support Apache::ASP? I keep
      sifting through stuff I get from searches, but it's extremely time
      consuming trying to figure out which ones are supporting Apache::ASP, as
      opposed to MS or ChiliSoft. I've tried internet searches and host site
      searches. I've tried using "Apache::ASP" as a term but that usually
      brings me back to the Apache::ASP website. :) Oh, and I've looked
      through the few listed on the Apache::ASP website. Just thought there
      might be more of a choice now.

      My current host supports it but I'm not completely happy with them.
      Nothing major - I'll stay with them if I can't find an alternative.

      Four days ago I signed up for an account with another host that
      advertises supporting Apache::ASP, but the Apache::ASP is not working. I
      think their tech support is still running around in circles trying to
      figure it out - even after four days. I say "think" because they've only
      bothered to contact me four or five times with a "We're still working on
      it!" type message. It took them less seconds to charge my credit card
      than it has days to get my account setup. I will have to ask for my
      money back.

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