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2132RE: Cleanly separating applications vs. presentation using Apache::ASP

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  • Steve B
    May 3, 2006

      Thanks you - I now have a much clearer understanding
      how to better split business logic and display. I do
      have one implementation question. In one of your
      examples you cited the following:

      my $class = "MyApp::controller::" .
      my $redir = eval {
      $class->process( $Application, $Session, $Request,
      $Response, $Server
      if( $@ )
      # There was a problem:
      die "Error: $@";
      $Response->Redirect( $redir );
      }# end if()

      From the context of the example, I assume that you are
      passing display parameters to the redirect script
      through the URL. This works for smaller examples, but
      may not necessarily be the most effective/efficient
      way to do it for a large data set (say, a 30kb text
      field). One workaround I came up with was to use
      Response->Transfer() and load up the @args parameter
      with data. Is there a cleaner way of keeping the data
      "transfer" completely on the server side? Global
      variables would actually work here, but even I
      consider that solution far too ugly to even consider.

      Thanks again!

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