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2110Re: UTF-8 HOWTO

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  • Warren Young
    Feb 27, 2006
      Joshua Chamas wrote:
      > Do you know why it is that "use utf8" is needed
      > at the top of each script?

      No, I'm not sure. At this point, I just know that there are pages
      where, if I remove the pragma, the UTF-8 characters get munged. I
      haven't tried to localize the Perl constructs in which this happens.

      > What precisely were the problems that you were running into without this
      > setting?

      The most common symptom was what looked like double UTF-8 encodings.
      That is, Unicode characters that should have encoded as 2 bytes in UTF-8
      were showing up as 4 bytes. I didn't try to reverse the double
      conversion to make sure this is what was happening, but I can't think of
      a more likely explanation for the symptom.

      > The opportunity here is that we could automatically add something like this
      > to the top of each page.

      I'll consider investigating deeper.

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