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2091Problem with XS-based module

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  • Jonathan Dixon
    Nov 23, 2005
      I recently upgraded my servier from Fedora Core 2 to Fedora Core 4, and thus the new versions of Apache and ASP as well. This seems to have broken one of my Perl modules (MdbSQL) that relies on an XS interface to the mdbtools libraries to enable me to read MDB files on my Linux machine.

      I can make use of the module from console applications, so I know that MdbSQL.pm and MdbSQL.so files have been generated properly on the new system. From within an ASP page, a call to MdbSQL::new results in no response from the server (request not logged into the access log and no error listed in the error log). If I go into MdbSQL::new and comment out the call to the XS routine then the page loads fine (doesn't work as it is missing the meat of the module, but will at least load and get logged as a request).

      So my guess from this result is that the ASP module is not properly loading the MdbSQL.so file. Was there a change in ASP with how the shared libraries for XS modules are loaded? Perhaps a path variable that has not been properly set on my new machine? Any other suggestions on what to look at as a possible cause of this behavior?


      Jon Dixon


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