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  • Cyril Hansen
    Mar 7 4:35 AM
      Hi all,

      I am new to Apache-ASP and I have the following (really strange) problem :

      My web app has a menu on the side of every page. After some use, the
      links seem to stop working :
      All the link display the same dynamic page. And this make the app
      completely unusable.

      This does not seem to be a web client problem : Each page has a
      different URL and I can see the good URL in Apache access logs.

      I suppose this behaviour is triggered from some mistakes in Apache
      configuration or in my perl code.
      Apache and mod_perl have been installed manually.

      I have the idea that the problem is related to session management
      because I use the session object quite heavily (storing XML trees and

      Any hints ?


      Cyril HANSEN

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