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2087Running the asp demo example files

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  • Andrew Yu
    Oct 24, 2005


         I am having problems with running the demo asp example files, essentially the source code is being shown in the web browser .


      The system setup is Linux based


      Fedora Core 4

      Apache 2.0.55

      Mod Perl 2.0.2 compiled statically within Apache.


      Apache is installed under /usr/local/apache2 and the example site in /usr/local/apache2/asp/eg


      For testing purposes I did a chmod –R 777 on the asp directory. I also checked the .htaccess is present in the asp/eg directory


      For the httpd.conf file I added these settings to the bottom of the httpd.conf file


      PerlModule Apache::ASP

      <Files ~ (\.asp)>

      SetHandler perl-script

      PerlHandler Apache::ASP

      PerlSetVar Global .

      PerlSetVar StateDir /tmp/asp



      <Directory $DOCUMENT_ROOT/asp/eg>

      Options FollowSymlinks

      AllowOverride ALL




      This is the output from the site:


      #!/usr/bin/perl /usr/bin/asp-perl

      [0]%>>   ([0]%>>source)


      There appear to be no errors from the apache error_log


      Any ideas or clues to this behaviour?








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