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  • D. L. Fox
    Jul 24, 2005
      Joshua Chamas wrote:

      > The problem seems to be what the browser is sending, since on the
      > server side its not seeing any content uploaded from the form:

      I thought it might be something with Firefox so I tried it with IE,
      Netscape, Mozilla, and Opera all with the same results.

      > So maybe the HTML itself is not correct, but honestly it looked
      > fine to me.

      I wondered if the HTML might have something to do with it but it
      validates as strict per the W3C, so I'm not sure what to think.

      > Maybe also a chance that the apache server + mod_perl is too old
      > and you should upgrade. The mod_perl version is pretty old
      > at this point.

      I wish I had that option. This is a hosted site, unlike before when I
      normally ran things on my own stuff. I have been searching for another
      host provider anyway. I am no longer satisfied with my current one. They
      don't seem to stay up-to-date with their software, and they change
      things which will break your site without telling you.

      The main reason I chose this provider was because they had Apache::ASP.
      Now I need to find another host account with Apache::ASP. Is there a
      list of providers using Apache::ASP somewhere?

      I've been looking through the many lists of providers on the 'Net but
      it's difficult to search on Apache::ASP because it always turns up
      MS-ASP or Chili. I can program in VB just fine but would *much* rather
      use Apache::ASP and Perl.

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