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  • Joshua Chamas
    Jul 24 4:19 PM
      D. L. Fox wrote:
      > I'm not sure if this is off topic because I'm not sure what is causing
      > my problem - HTML, Apache::ASP, or what...
      > I've been working on converting a personal site to XHTML 1.0 strict. The
      > test page I'm using validates as XHTML 1.0 strict per the W3C validator.
      > The problem I'm having is when submitting a form from that page.
      > Although the browser is directed to the page listed in the "action"
      > attribute, there is no data in QUERY_STRING. The form "method" attribute
      > is set to "post", and REMOTE_METHOD shows that.
      > In my global.asa file I have:
      > sub Script_OnStart{
      > $Form = $Request->Form;
      > $Response->Include('header.inc');
      > } # end Script_OnStart
      > At the top of the page receiving the form input (display.asp) is the line:
      > my @rssfeeds = keys %{$Form};
      > I am using a similar line in another page on the site (receiving data
      > from a different form) with no problems. It grabs the data submitted
      > just fine.
      > In the problem page, @rssfeeds is undefined after submitting data from
      > its form page (index.asp).
      > The test page is located at:
      > http://www.frigginjiggy.com/xhtml/news/
      > The source code for that page, and the display page, can be viewed at:
      > http://www.frigginjiggy.com/xhtml/index.asp.txt
      > http://www.frigginjiggy.com/xhtml/display.asp.txt
      > Keep in mind this is not a final version of the site. ;)
      > Any help with this issue would be much appreciated. I can't seem to
      > figure it out.

      Sorry, me neither.

      The problem seems to be what the browser is sending, since on the
      server side its not seeing any content uploaded from the form:

      $Form = Apache::ASP::Collection=HASH(0x956da20)
      CONTENT_TYPE = application/x-www-form-urlencoded
      MOD_PERL = mod_perl/1.99_09
      SERVER_SOFTWARE = Apache

      So maybe the HTML itself is not correct, but honestly it looked
      fine to me.

      Maybe also a chance that the apache server + mod_perl is too old
      and you should upgrade. The mod_perl version is pretty old
      at this point.



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