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2058ASP and cPanel/WHM server

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    Jul 4, 2005
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      I am trying to get ASP working under my cPanel/WHM linux server. I've installed Apache::ASP perl module via CPAN install and the module install went ok without giving any errors. However when I run the test asp file, it didn't work. When I check the server, I found out that mod_perl is not installed yet.
      So, I tried to install mod_perl and fetch the latet mod_perl. Upon installing of the mod_perl manually, it is asking for the src directory of the apache and also asking for whether it can install httpd in that src folder. I canceld the installation at this stage (only two questions of the src location and whether it can install httpd in that src directory).
      Please let me know how do I install mod_perl without affecting the operations of the current cPanel/WHM and it's later update/upgrade functions.
      Thanks in advance.
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