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2041Re: An article I published about Apache::ASP

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  • berov@bulgarian-creative-circle.org
    May 26, 2005
      Thanks Josh!
      I also would like to share the example code for the articles
      Altough it is sloppy it could be usefull.
      It represents a web-based file manager
      This file-manager was intended to be used with a CMS but could be uset also for itself just the server needs write privileges for the directory where the file manager will use as its root dir.

      You can get the code from:
      Let us make it "Comme Il Faut" (As a french may say)

      I also have some junks of code for a real CMS but I would rather start it from scrach (for several reasons)
      My idea is to put all the new methods for the CMS in a $Site object
      the methods may be:

      $Site->connect_on_init(); # why not?
      A wrapper for DBI->connect(...);
      returns a ref to AoA with ['user','password']
      on every line which are extracted from the database.
      The database (for small sites) may (and I think it is good) be
      SQLite2 (see below why).
      For big Sites PostgreSQL is preferable...

      The CMS may be shared between all virtual hosts on a machine
      (I made it - it works)
      Also it should be installable on
      cheap hostings from pour people Like me.
      That is why SQLite2 is for.
      So we have two variants of the CMS application
      1. Personnal
      2. Professional edition

      There are and would be much functionallity added
      but it need a big thinking before something is started

      I may host the project on bulgarian-creative-circle.org
      which I am just starting and the site will look very different

      By the way this site was my award for the Article
      "PerlModule Apache::ASP"

      This site does not have mod_perl but I suscceeded to set up there an ActiveState Perl for Linux
      And happilly the asp-perl script runs:

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      From: Joshua Chamas <josh@...>
      To: "berov@..." <berov@...>
      Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 21:18:58 +0300
      Subject: Re: An article I published about Apache::ASP

      > berov@... wrote:
      > > Hi boys. If somebody is interested...
      > > There are two articles I published online in the beginning of the
      > year. The articles are in bulgarian.
      > > Here are the links:
      > > PerlModule Apache::ASP 1
      > >
      > http://www.it-place.net/index.php?type=dev&rid=6&action=show_tut&srcid=151
      > > PerlModule Apache::ASP 2
      > >
      > http://www.it-place.net/index.php?type=dev&rid=6&action=show_tut&srcid=153
      > Hey, that's great! From what I can tell, its pretty in depth
      > and comprehensive, so well done!!!
      > Regards,
      > Josh