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2005Re: APACHE::ASP Error

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  • Warren Young
    May 3, 2005
      sangeethvs wrote:
      > suggestions of installing BerkeleyDB. But isn't that overkill. Do
      > we really need to install the DB_File and BerkleyDB modules to work
      > with Apache::ASP?

      There are alternate state storage models, but BDB is certainly a good
      choice. I seem to recall that one of the options is a native Perl
      module (i.e. no C code, as in BDB) but that would be slower.

      Bottom line, you definitely need some database layer to store the ASP
      state data.

      What's wrong with installing BDB? It's been around since before Linux
      became the biggest *ix, so it probably builds out of the box on your
      Solaris system.

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