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2002Re: dumping the params,headers and so on..

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  • raptor
    Apr 25, 2005
      I found the problem the Request.pm matches form-header like this (by memory) ::

      if($header_in->get('Content-type') eq 'application/form-urlencoded') { ..... <--or so

      but I'm sending :


      so I modified it like this :

      if($header_in->get('Content-type') =~ m!^application/form-urlencoded!) { .....

      Not sure if Request.pm has to be modified, that is why I'm posting it :")


      |ok, I found it i.e. $Request->BinaryRead(), it shows what I expected i.e.
      |the request i sent :
      |but it was not in $$Request{Params}, did I miss something !!
      |here is the code..
      |$Response->Write( Dumper $$Request{Params} );
      |$Response->Write( $Request->BinaryRead() );
      |and the dump :
      |$VAR1 = bless( {}, 'Apache::ASP::Collection' );
      ||I'm tring to dump the headers and the whole conents as it is recieved from the ASP.pm.
      ||The reason !! I'm tring to build a more interactive app using javascript-xmlhttp object
      ||(i.e. building the POST request from the client-side form).
      ||When I try this with pure perl script it works, but with ASP.pm I doesnt recieve anything
      ||in $$Request{Params}.
      ||That is why I want to dump the post-request as it is recieved by ASP.pm
      ||any idea why it works in pure CGI.pm script but not with ASP.pm.

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