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1947Re: passing $Request->Params() ?

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  • Josh Chamas
    Feb 16, 2005
      raptor@... wrote:
      > ||Also consider $Server->Transfer() API to execute another script,
      > ||so you could see the current $Request->Params is still available.
      > |
      > ||]- it seems that this is the solution to my problem...one thing is still causing me problems..
      > |In the Script_OnStart() I parse the $Request->ServerVariables('SCRIPT_NAME') and use
      > |the script_name to choose what template to use to render the HTML..
      > |So in the this case the templete that will be used will be do_add.asp instead of add.asp
      > |which is wrong....
      > |How to solve that...?
      > ]- i've manualy hardcoded my $script_name value to what i want in add.asp and it seems to
      > work this way.... In fact what is compiled from ASP.pm is one big script which includes
      > all ASP.pm stuff from global.asa isn't it ?

      No, global.asa is basically loaded as a module, but a module in the same
      namespace as your scripts so you can access subs defined there and such.



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