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1939Re: passing $Request->Params() ?

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  • Josh Chamas
    Feb 15, 2005
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      raptor@... wrote:
      > sorry for not be able to describe it more clearly :")) (not native english speaker)
      > on the first invocation of do_add.asp data is available via $Request->Params()..
      > after that do_add.asp call again add.asp (via redirect or include !!!), now I want to pass this data to the newly
      > called add.asp.. and then again the same4
      > and was wondering does Session is suitable for such thing...:"( 1024 bytes is not a good news

      Sure, you could stuff the $Session with data like:

      use File::Basename qw(basename);
      $Session->{basename($0)} = $Request->Params;

      and access it later the same method. Right on point though with 1024 bytes,
      issue, but default is now MLDBM::Sync::SDBM_File which does not have this
      limit, however if you do this alot consider DB_File or GDBM_File for StateDB
      setting which can be faster for larger data sets.

      Also consider $Server->Transfer() API to execute another script,
      so you could see the current $Request->Params is still available.



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