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1853Re: HELP sdbm store returned -1

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  • krassimir berov
    Oct 13, 2004
      The problem is solved... THANKS
      What happened?
      It came out actually we were using SDBM_File instead
      of DB_File.
      The administrator had given this to Apache::ASP:

      PerlSetVar StateDB SDBM_File

      Beeing a PHP boy he did not knew about the 1k limit.
      And when the $Session key 'menu' grew up a little -
      here is the problem.
      $Session->{menu}="somethin complex more than 1Kb" =
      problem ;
      Just misunderstood between me and him.
      So we end up with the following:

      PerlSetVar StateDB MLDBM::Sync::SDBM_File

      I hope there will not be a problem for the "menu" key
      to grow up now.

      They told me they have some problems installing
      BerkeleyDB or DB_File...

      Thank You Josh!

      --- Josh Chamas <josh@...> wrote:

      > k_berov wrote:
      > > Hi, boys!
      > > After server restart we get the folowing error:
      > > the server OS is Linux . We have there two sites
      > using Apache::ASP;
      > > The one is using DB_File for storing sessions
      > state the other - SDBM_File
      > > The interesting is that the one wich uses DB_File
      > gives this error.
      > > The site trys to use sdbm when I tell it to use
      > DB_File.
      > > What am I doing Wrong?
      > Make sure that each site sets a different StateDir
      > setting,
      > or you will end up mixing file formats of SDBM_File
      > & DB_File
      > which can cause problems.
      > Regards,
      > Josh

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