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  • Josh Chamas
    Oct 12, 2004
      Mike Cantone wrote:
      > I'm optimistic I am on the crux of solving this problem with the help of
      > some collective knowledge.
      > My ASP application can handle between 20-40 transactions - then it seems
      > to turn into a runaway process. The memory consumption according to top
      > is well under 1%, however the CPU for httpd goes into the high 90th
      > percentile. My application calls swish-e indexing and I found a very
      > interesting reference on the net which describes what seems to be the
      > identical problem here: http://mathforum.org/epigone/modperl/fraplahswo
      > . One of their recommendations is to put an AUTOLOAD in mod perls
      > startup.pl to see what is happening and, as was the case in the thread,
      > I can now see that lots of DESTROYs are not getting found.

      I would recommend looking into BSD::Resource for per process limits setting.
      IF Apache::Resource has been ported to mod_perl 2.0, I would look
      at that too, which wraps around BSD::Resource nicely.

      > The majority of these DESTROYs however probably don't really exist, but
      > a method that can't be found that looks like a real problem is
      > Apache::Connection::fileno. Josh mentioned fixing this in some of his
      > change notes for versions of modperl that didn't support this. I don't
      > know who is looking for this method - I don't know whether it is ASP or
      > not. I am using Apache 2.0.x which doesn't allow me to use modperl 1.0
      > (seems to want Apache 1.3), so I am using modperl "2.0" - the dev
      > version. Where I can find the Apache::Connection.pm module, fileno truly
      > is not defined, but what is not clear to me is what I can do about it.
      > Moving to a 1.3 version of Apache is not an option for me - too many
      > others rely on 2.0. Any ideas?

      The code that references fileno should be safe, even if it does not exist:

      # Apache::ASP::Response->IsClientConnected
      my $fileno = eval { $conn->fileno };

      If you really want this code to not do what its doing,
      then you could define this after loading Apache::ASP:

      sub Apache::ASP::Response::IsClientConnected {
      shift->{IsClientConnected} = 1;

      And your application should work fine still regardless of whether
      this is a real fix for your problem. I am guessing that the real
      root of this problem is something else, and you will find your fix
      best in BSD::Resource. Also, if you are using worker mpm, I probably
      wouldn't, and would be wary of using BSD::Resource in this case.
      I would stick with the prefork mpm in Apache 2.



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