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1830Re: Exact definition of a session

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  • Josh Chamas
    Oct 7, 2004
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      Mike Cantone wrote:
      > * Is there any way to have more than one session for a given hardware
      > client perhaps based on application? That would imply either the
      > session-id cooke could be prefixed or somehow the browser would store it
      > in a subdirectory based on the application (I don't know if browsers
      > allow this type of control within the cookie directory though I'm
      > scpetical the sub-directory thing is feasible).

      Yes, check out CookiePath config...

      which you can set per application via Apache configuration
      ( .htaccess, Directory, etc )

      You would also want to combine this with a StateDir config different
      for each application as well.

      I believe Csongor answered the rest of your questions well.



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