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1821RE: Looking for some information

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  • John Drago
    Sep 2, 2004
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      Apache::ASP is a perl module that allows the Apache webserver to server ASP
      (active server pages).
      ASP pages written for Apache::ASP are all written in Perl, not VBScript.
      However, Perl is generally a much more powerful and general-purpose language
      than VBScript is, so you do get a good trade-off there.
      Apache webserver runs on Windows and Linux (among others).

      Since you're using Windows XP Home Edition, you can't use Microsoft's IIS
      webserver, because it only runs on WinXP Pro.

      If you already have Apache webserver running on your computer, to get
      Apache::ASP installed you must first install Perl.
      I use and recommend ActiveState's ActivePerl
      http://www.activestate.com/Products/ActivePerl/ .
      If you haven't got mod_perl installed (an extension for Apache webserver to
      make Perl scripts faster and more powerful) you'll have to install that too.
      Take a look at http://www.apache-asp.org/install.html#Build%20Apache0292e216
      for instructions on how to do that.
      Once you've installed Perl, open up a command prompt and type "ppm install
      Apache-ASP" (without the quotes).
      You will also need to configure your Apache's httpd.conf file to route
      requests for "*.asp" files to Apache::ASP.
      Check out http://www.apache-asp.org/config.html for instructions on how this

      That's a lot to get you started.
      > John Drago

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      Subject: Looking for some information

      I have a windows xp home edition machine with apache as the
      webserver. I would like to run ASP on it.
      Is Apache::ASP a 3 party software?
      What does perl have to do with this? I would like to use vbscript.
      Will it allow me to run asp with apache?
      Will this product interfere with the version of apache I have?
      Do I have to install another version of apache or can I use the
      apache I have on my system? Any other information would be helpfull


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