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1752Porting from ActivePerl/IIS to Apache::ASP

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    Jul 13, 2004
      We are currently performing a project to convert from ActivePerl/IIS
      to Apache::ASP and have
      run across issues with variables behaving strangely. After searching
      the web, I have a couple
      of issues I would like some advice on.

      1. Variable scope ...

      From the Apache::ASP page (Style Guide):
      "One of perl's blessings is also its bane, variables do not need to be
      declared, and are by default globally scoped. The problem with this in
      mod_perl is that global variables persist from one request to another
      even if a different web browser is viewing a page."

      Our problem is the original authors of the code assumed variables are
      not globally scoped.

      Q1.1: How come in other languages, the scope of the variable is
      assumed to be for the page unless
      defined otherwise (e.g. PHP, ActivePerl, VBScript)?
      Q1.2: Is there a configuration option or easy way around this issue?

      2. Subroutines ...

      From the Apache::ASP page (Style Guide):
      "DO NOT add subroutine declarations in scripts. Apache::ASP is
      optimized by compiling a script into a subroutine for faster future

      We have ActivePerl Perlscript pages with
      <%@ LANGUAGE = PerlScript%>
      <!--#include virtual=[include.asp]-->

      my $foo = 1;
      my $bar = 2;

      my ($value) = &getValue($foo, $bar);

      $Response->Write("Value = $value<br>\n");

      [end sample.asp]

      [contents of include.asp]


      sub getValue
      my ($foo, $bar) = @_;

      my $value = $foo * $bar;

      return $value;

      [end include.asp]

      Q2.1: Since this sub is included in sample.asp, is it considered a
      subroutine within a subroutine?
      Q2.2: Is there an easy way to convert include.asp to include.pm so I
      can use "use include.pm" in our scripts?
      Q2.3: Does Apache::ASP support #include virtual=...? It only seems to
      work with #include file=...

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