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1743Re: [bug?] include mechanism

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  • Joshua Chamas
    Jul 8, 2004
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      Quoting Marko Friedemann <mfr@...>:
      > Well, yes. This IS how it works. The question is wether it is actually
      > SUPPOSED to be that way and wether there is any security or whatever
      > other reason for it to be so.
      > I did say that I consider this a flaw, because it is not what you
      > usually want to do.

      Yes, it is supposed to work that way. Currently the context of includes does in
      no way override the context of the base executing script. This is supposed to
      be that way. I have never wanted to relatively change the include path to the
      context of an included include, and I am not convinced that this is what one
      usually wants to do, but I do understand the point you are making. The fact is
      that when things have been working the way they have been for 5 years, there
      needs to be a compelling reason to change things.



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