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1739[bug?] include mechanism

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  • Marko Friedemann
    Jul 6, 2004
      Hi list,

      I started playing around with Apache::ASP the other day and encountered
      a rather strange way of dealing with includes.

      Let's say I have the following situation:

      1 (folder)
      +-- A (file)
      +-- 2 (folder)
      +-- B (file)
      +-- C (file)

      Let's also say we let:
      A include B and
      B include C

      While we naturally use '#include file="2/B"' to include B from A, we
      also naturally use '#include file="C"' to include C from B.
      The problem is that this fails because it searches C in 1 rather than 2
      due to the include simply not being aware of the fact that it was
      basically called from within 2.
      Calling B directly works, because ASP is then aware of being run in 2
      and finds C accordingly.

      While I personally consider this a bug, or a flaw at least, I would like
      to hear the opinion of you guys.

      Marko Friedemann
      www.bmx-chemnitz.de -==- 20 Zoll in Chemnitz

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