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1719Re: Output Filehandle

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  • Josh Chamas
    May 24, 2004
      Stuart Johnston wrote:
      > I am trying to use Text::xSV to output tab seperated data to the browser
      > (actually a Wyncs plugin). The xSV module can output to STDOUT or any
      > other File Handle. When I try to use STDOUT, the text doesn't show up.
      > Is there some other file handle I should use?

      No exactly, Apache::ASP does a select() to redirect print() calls
      to a RESPONSE file handle really tied to the $Response object.

      You could try something like this:

      tie *RESPONSE, 'Apache::ASP::Response', $self->{Response};
      print RESPONSE ...

      or even using *Apache::ASP::RESPONSE directly...

      BUT I would really not recommend this approach as there are no
      guarantees in the Apache::ASP API for this method to exist.

      What you should do is simply write this out to a temp file and
      then output that directly to the browser after its created
      by reading it in, and writing it using $Response->Write.


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