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1693RE: .NET-style components and development

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  • John Drago
    Apr 29, 2004
      | I really like the idea of a <% Register %> type directive.
      | Is this from .Net specifically, or are you just making this up
      | for the purpose of getting XMLSubs extended? If we are just
      | making it up, we might borrow a standard syntax for this from
      | JSP taglibs or some such.

      [JD:] It was "inspired" by the .Net Register directives. Borrowing the
      syntax from JSP makes sense.

      | I would like to enable something like this though, and if we
      | could get the idea hammered out, I could get you an extension
      | for Apache::ASP that makes this work.

      [JD:] That would be great. Basically a dev version that I could work
      with? I also want to have the ability to reference in-page widgets by
      ID. For instance:
      <asp:button id="button1" />
      $button1->{Text} = "Click Me";

      I'm going to implement recursive parsing, so that the output of one of
      these elements will also be parsed and the output collected, in case it
      also contains things like taglib registrations, xmlSubs, ASP tags (<%
      %>), etc.

      One thing that ASP.NET has is the <%@ Cache %> directives. We can
      specify the caching parameters based on timeout, parameter, sessionID or
      whatever. Because we could end up with a lot of overhead on the parsing
      end of things, caching parsed versions would be good. I know you
      already do this in Apache::ASP, but I don't completely understand
      how/where it is cached. Some detail on this would be good.

      OK, now here's the kicker. I have a situation here where we have an
      application written in ASP-VBscript for IIS that will need to integrate
      with Apache::ASP. I have written a module that allows COM-enabled code
      (VBScript, JScript, PerlScript) to be used together in the Inline::
      style. I call it Inline::COM. If we can get something worked out using
      these XMLSubs where basically anything within a <com:vbscript> tag could
      be executed by this Inline::COM module, it would solve a lot of
      problems. We could even make it so Inline::Java, Inline::C or really
      anything could be called out to very easily from within an Apache::ASP

      This could get very interesting.

      | Regards,
      | Josh
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