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1692Re: .NET-style components and development

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  • Josh Chamas
    Apr 28, 2004
      John Drago wrote:
      > I have put together a rough, working example of a parser that could grow
      > to support this ASP.NET-style development we've been talking about.
      > I can post what I have, but it's only about 50 lines and wouldn't help
      > anyone much. Another couple weeks of free time on this project should
      > yield more progress.
      > The parser I have written works for the following code.
      > ---- test.aspx -----
      > <%@ Register prefix="test" class="MyLibs::ASP::Test" %>
      > <html>
      > <head>
      > <title>Testing</title>
      > </head>
      > <body>
      > <test:header id="hd1" runat="server" arg1="foo" stuff="bar">
      > <test:hlink runat="server" id="bob">Click Me.</test:hlink>
      > </test:header>

      I really like the idea of a <% Register %> type directive.
      Is this from .Net specifically, or are you just making this up
      for the purpose of getting XMLSubs extended? If we are just
      making it up, we might borrow a standard syntax for this from
      JSP taglibs or some such.

      I would like to enable something like this though, and if we
      could get the idea hammered out, I could get you an extension
      for Apache::ASP that makes this work.



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