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1669Re: Running Demo ASP Problem?

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  • Randy Kobes
    Apr 7, 2004
      On Mon, 5 Apr 2004, Josh Chamas wrote:

      > Craig Dayton wrote:
      > > I'm just getting up to speed on Apache2 & Apache::ASP
      > > (2.57) and I'm still getting errors when attempting to
      > > run the Bookmarks demo. The /asp/eg examples are
      > > running correctly, so I believe that I am dealing with
      > > an app conf issue of some sort.
      > >
      > That is great news that the /asp/eg examples are working!
      > That is really the test to get working. The bookmarks
      > examples I do not keep up to date so well, but will look
      > into why they might not be working, which I think is
      > probably an issue running under mod_perl 2. Hopefully
      > I'll have a fix for the bookmarks soon.

      It probably is something to do with mod_perl 2 - the
      original error related to not being able to find the
      dir_config method, which in mod_perl 2:

      $ perl -MApache2 -MModPerl::MethodLookup -e print_method dir_config
      There is more than one class with method 'dir_config'
      try one of:
      use Apache::RequestUtil ();
      use Apache::ServerUtil ();

      requires loading one of the above modules, whichever is

      best regards,
      randy kobes

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