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1577A weird puzzle

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  • Philip Mak
    Feb 2, 2004
      About 10 hours ago, my website started getting really slow. My MRTG
      graph shows the server's bandwidth usage dropping to 1/4 of its
      previous amount:


      When I got on the server, the load average was above 7. The shell
      prompt response time was very slow, the webpages took forever to load,
      but the CPU was over 90% idle, the swap used was less than the
      physical memory free, and the si/so/bi/bo values in "vmstat 1" were
      mostly 0.

      I couldn't figure out why it was lagging so badly. Then on a whim, I
      tried "rm -rf" on the StateDir. An empty StateDir was re-created by
      Apache::ASP, and then the lag problems mysteriously evaporated.

      Any ideas on how I can prevent this problem from reoccurring? (Damn, I
      should have saved the StateDir for further analysis instead of
      deleting it.)

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