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  • Thanos Chatziathanassiou
    Feb 2, 2004
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      I've been monitoring the disk usage in my StateDir for some time now and
      I've found rather interesting stuff about it.
      First the basics: it's an nfs shared statedir, used by four web servers.
      I'm using a ramdisk for it, since using an actual disk for it proved

      Here are the stats:
      measuring from 30.1.2004 – 18:25:00 to 2.2.2004 – 20:32:00
      number of disk writes:9728300
      number of disk reads : 100310

      As you've no doubt have noticed, there's a very high number of writes
      compared to a relatively small amount of reads, which is probably why
      when using an actual drive instead of a ramdisk things don't work out
      very well.
      The statistics where gathered by drbd's usage counters (I am mirroring
      the device over the network for high availability) and reflect number of
      blocks written. Filesystem is ext2, blocksize is 1024 bytes.

      Any idea why things are the way they are and what could/should be done ?

      I have PerlSetVar SessionTimeout 90 and PerlSetVar StateManager 2, which
      has sessions cleaned up every 45 minutes, although this runs on each of
      the four servers, so I suppose seasons get cleaned up 4 times as often.
      Am I right about this ?

      Thanos Chatziathanassiou

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