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1463Re: Problem With global.asa i think <-- Sorry, im stupid

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  • Josh Chamas
    Dec 21, 2003
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      explodingjam wrote:
      > I am desperately trying to setup a webapp called webtime written in
      > Apache::ASP
      > I have set up and installed mod_perl and Apache::ASP on apache 1.3
      > and installed the webapp itself. I can see the .asp pages with no
      > embedded code ok, but almost none of the embedded code in the app
      > will run - i just get the dreaded 'internal server error'.
      > I don't know much at all about Apache::ASP but i'm under the
      > impression that this could be of interest to you :

      I have not set up WebTime before, but whenever working with an open source
      project, be very careful to follow the installation instructions 100%.
      I would start from scratch if I were you, and go step by step.

      Also, since these problems are specific to webtime likely, then you should
      email the webtime project mailing list/project leaders for advice.

      Short of this, I would really need to do the installation myself of
      webtime to help you, but I do know that if you do not have things like
      the installation location correct, the httpd.conf / .htaccess files
      installed correctly, and the global.asa working, then none of the
      rest will matter.

      With regards to whether you have Apache::ASP itself set up correctly,
      it seems that way at first glance, but you would not know that for
      sure until you got the examples at ./site/eg working from Apache::ASP.



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