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1461RE: Printer friendly output

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  • Gregory Youngblood
    Dec 21, 2003
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      I've seen several sites that have "printer friendly" output. Usually they
      create a separate web page, remove the menu options and other "stuff" from
      right and left sides, and put the heading. You might play around to find the
      right "width" to display properly for most printers, but it should be
      possible. You could use a single cell table to specify width or you could
      use no table structure at all and rely on the browser to "wrap" accordingly
      for printing. I'd go with the former.

      Your not deliverying a PDF, your not going under the extra load of the
      conversion process. And, if your using a templating system to generate
      pages, the "printer friendly" page could simply be a template setup for
      printing. When the person clicks on the printer friendly page, that template
      could be used to display the content instead of the regular template for
      that page. It all depends on how your site is laid out.

      I think it makes more sense in this manner than the PDF conversion, unless
      of course you really want PDF as the output.

      Just another thought for your consideration.

      > So I assume the idea is that the user clicks on "print form"
      > and the script generates the PDF and sends that back to the client?
      > They can then print the pdf from within the browser?
      > Do you have any idea what kind of overhead this puts on the server?

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