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1457Re: Printer friendly output

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  • Tim Pushor
    Dec 21, 2003

      I would look into making a PDF.

      I have done something similar - a customer once wanted to be able to
      print or fax invoices from a web form, so I filled in postscript
      templates, and sent to mgetty+sendfax (via ghostscript) or to a local

      This was a while ago.

      Now, I would certainly look into PDF generation (in fact, I plan on in
      the near future). There are C libraries and perl modules that will allow
      you to generate PDF's. This is (IMO) The ultimate in creating print
      ready forms.


      Chris Marschall wrote:

      >Hello all,
      >I'm developing a book keeping application, and would like to be able to
      >print out reports in a nice A4 formatted size page.
      >I was wondering how this might be done.
      >An example of what I'm trying to do would be in printing an invoice that
      >appears as HTML, and just being able to choose "print page", or clicking
      >on something like "printer friendly output" etc.
      >What is done to the "printer friendly output" to make it format correctly?
      >Any ideas of pointers to documented examples would be very helpful.
      >Thanks in advance.
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