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1400Re: XML - problem with variable scoping

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  • Josh Chamas
    Nov 3, 2003
      Helmut wrote:
      > Hi TIA,
      > correction:
      > <my:display variable="$Session->{'loaded1'}"/> or
      > <my:display variable="<%=$Session->{'loaded1'}%>"/>
      > seem not to work, because ASP does not recognize it as variables.
      > You could use

      As of v2.45, <my:display variable="<%=$Session->{'loaded1'}%>"/>
      can work with the XMLSubsPerlArgs setting set to Off. This will
      become the default one day...


      Per the original request, I believe it can be neatly handled
      instead of using $Session, the developer sets up their own $Data
      global that they clear in Script_OnStart for per request data passing.
      Use of $Session can be expensive compared to an in memory hash,
      so should only be reserved for use when needing to pass data between
      requests for a user.


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