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1375Re: Newbie alert, why this does not work

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  • Fagyal, Csongor
    Oct 1, 2003
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      brentatkerson wrote:

      >Okay, this is the result Hello World164691910332731 .
      Oh... well :-)

      > Making
      >progress, but how/where would a newbie go to find the localtime time
      >thing? I think that is what I need most is a comprehensive list of
      >objects and events so I know what I have to choose from.
      Apache::ASP "uses" the built-in perl functions, plus extends them with
      some objects/events/etc. The later group is discussed at the
      www.apache-asp.org page, while docs on the former you should find at
      www.perldoc.com. I'd recommend reading

      Here you will also find localtime and time (and will probably understand
      why you got that big number :-)).

      - Cs.

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