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1374Re: Newbie alert, why this does not work

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  • Fagyal, Csongor
    Oct 1, 2003

      >Thank you, I will try that. My goal here is to learn enough
      >ASP/Perl to accomplish a specific goal with a web site we are
      >creating and then learn more ASP/Perl to incorporate it into other
      >sites I maintain. The script snippits I am finding on the web do
      >not contain the correct sytax to run on my server so I am trying to
      >learn the differences and it is all very confusing to a guy who
      >knows just enough about HTML (okay nothing really about it) to get
      >himself in trouble.
      ASP is not PHP. If you start learning ASP without knowing a little bit
      of Perl, you might get disappointed. I recommend that you first learn
      some Perl (writing command line scripts, for example), and after that
      ASP will be much easier.

      Best luck!

      - Csongor

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