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1365Re: Session OnStart/OnEnd question

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  • Josh Chamas
    Sep 26, 2003
      David Morton wrote:
      > I put some code into the start and ends subs for the Session object that
      > emails me when it happens... And discovered that I get 1 start event
      > message and 10 end messages. Why is it running the Session_OnEnd 10
      > times? (I'm guessing once per server process?)

      This sounds like a bug, but I thought I fixed all of these!

      First make sure you have the latest Apache::ASP installed.

      2nd make sure StateDir is pointing to a local file system as
      network files systems don't tend to support flock locking properly.

      Assuming the first 2 done fix this, then...

      Set Debug to -1. Stop/Start apache. Reproduce this bug,
      and send me your error_log from the start of apache to when this bug occurs.


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