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1321Re: Error in counting.htm causes error in creating rpm

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  • Josh Chamas
    Sep 9, 2003
      Johannes Woehler wrote:
      > Dear everyone,
      > I created an rpm from Apache::ASP with cpan2rpm. Unfortunately, this rpm
      > has a dependency to /usr/bin/asp-perl-exe, which does not exists. The
      > reason for this dependency is the file /site/eg/counting.htm, which has
      > written in the first line:
      > "#!/usr/bin/asp-perl-exe"
      > I think, this is an error and should look like "#!/usr/bin/asp-perl"
      > instead.
      > It would be great, if this would be fixed in the future.

      Sorry about that. I was experimenting with compiling the asp-perl script
      to an executable using various means, like B::C & PAR, and left that
      in by accident. I will have that fixed for future releases.


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