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1296Re: upgrading from v1.95

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  • greg@mail.netio.org
    Aug 4, 2003
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      On Mon, 4 Aug 2003, Joshua Chamas wrote:

      > Quoting Remi Fasol <re_mi_fa@...>:
      > > i enable cookieless sessions via SessionQuery but
      > > would like to turn this feature off when my local site
      > > indexing system runs (otherwise it takes way too long
      > > to index the site). i fixed this problem in the older
      > > version with a simple modification to "sub URL" in
      > > ASP.pm like this:
      > How about using a mod_perl style PerlInitHandler to
      > unset ( or set to Off ), the SessionQuery configs if the
      > user agent matches your specified user agents. This method
      > is documented here...
      > http://www.apache-asp.org/faq.html#How%20can%20I%20kef206b910
      > but the focus of that solution to disabling session in case
      > of bots hitting your site.

      I've read this FAQ item a couple of times and would like more details
      and/or example(s) to go with it. Nothing fancy, just a simple one bot
      example of actually using this.

      Does anyone who actually uses this care to share their implementation?


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