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1295Re: upgrading from v1.95

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  • Joshua Chamas
    Aug 4, 2003
      Quoting Remi Fasol <re_mi_fa@...>:

      > hello,
      > i'm a moving my site to a new machine and decided to
      > upgrade from version 1.95 to the current version.
      > i enable cookieless sessions via SessionQuery but
      > would like to turn this feature off when my local site
      > indexing system runs (otherwise it takes way too long
      > to index the site). i fixed this problem in the older
      > version with a simple modification to "sub URL" in
      > ASP.pm like this:

      How about using a mod_perl style PerlInitHandler to
      unset ( or set to Off ), the SessionQuery configs if the
      user agent matches your specified user agents. This method
      is documented here...


      but the focus of that solution to disabling session in case
      of bots hitting your site.



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