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1273Re: [Apache::ASP] Digest Number 336

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  • Josh Chamas
    Jul 7, 2003
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      Bhargavi guttal wrote:
      > Thanks Helmut,
      > Previously i had tried with
      > <Files "^/~asp">
      > ..
      > </Files>
      > It didn't work..
      > So i tried to place these in some other location in
      > httpd.conf file & now it has started working...
      > So i want to clarify something.. does the location of
      > placing these directives matter in httpd.conf file ?
      > I thank u once again for ur help...
      > with lots of wishes
      > bhargavi

      <Files>...</Files> directives tend to work in the context
      of <Directory> and <VirtualHost> directives. This is an
      apache configuration issue, and can be read up on at:



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