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120Installing from scratch Apache + mod_perl + Apache::ASP (+maybe others) on unix

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  • timj_moore
    Feb 6, 2002
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      Okay, I'm having a nightmare trying to install all this on both
      Solaris and AIX. I'm finding the different installation methods for
      each very confusing (and not only that but documentation and posts on
      newsgroups all seem to vary in install methods).

      First I started off with Apache, and managed to get that built. Spent
      a huge amount of time installing frontpage extensions and
      patching/rebuilding Apache for that, but got that working. Then
      looked at Apache::ASP.

      So then I need mod_perl. Downloaded that and tried building it but it
      decides to rebuild Apache it's own way and I can't then work out how
      to get the frontpage extensions in. Okay, I'll live without the fp
      extensions (only useful so I can edit using InterDev on PC), but I
      may have to build in other modules later (SSL for example).

      Right, now for Apache::ASP.

      Kick off the 'perl -MCPAN -e shell' command, do 'install
      Bundle::Apache::ASP' and all hell breaks loose. It seems to go off
      installing loads of other packages some of which have errors in. I
      don't know what they are because they all scroll off the screen and I
      just can't get anywhere with it. I don't know much about the perl
      shell thing and I don't have time to learn it if it's going to take
      weeks to understand.

      I've tried different approaches by downloading manually and running
      the Makefile.PL through perl, but that tells me I need things it
      depends on.

      Does anyone have a very simple set of instructions (an 'idiots
      guide', especially aimed at someone who's more of a Windows/IIS
      expert than unix/apache) for installing Apache + mod_perl +
      Apache::ASP that will work every time, including what I need to check
      for on my system (the right permissions, though I'm running as root
      to install, environment variables, required components and files,
      should I be using gcc or not, etc).

      Better still, are there pre-built binaries with the whole lot I can

      I'm a little concerned about using the perl shell thing as this would
      have to be installed on customer sites. I really need a simple
      installer that can be packaged up with anything we ship to customers.
      Talking of which, how does the licencing stand for shipping
      Apache::ASP as part of any product we make?

      All I want to do is evaluate Apache::ASP but I'm at a loss as to how
      to install it and I'm afraid I'll have to abandon it as a solution
      just because I can't get it running.

      As far as I know the Sun and AIX boxes are set up it their default

      If anyone wants to debug my Apache::ASP install hassles I can post
      some sort of log file if there is one but I don't know if there is or
      how to get to it.

      Thanks in advance for any help/tips.

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