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1199Main (global.asa) Package Variables

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  • Mike Witkowski
    May 14, 2003
      Hello again:

      If I have some variables in the main package (global.asa) then
      use them ($main::<some_var>) in several asp pages, do their
      values persist between pages with the same session ID? I've
      been bit by non-persistence (between pages) several times before
      and have gone the route of throwing everything I need into the
      $Session Object. From what I've been reading, this may not be
      an efficient way to go (comments?). Cleaning up the $Session
      Object seems to be a pain also. Is there any-way to clean it
      up without clearing the entire Session?

      If this is he case, I am assuming that the contents of these
      variables are different between different sessionID's (?). I
      have also picked up the inference that I might be able to get
      all my modules compiled into the main package. Other than
      defining all of my routines in that package, how can that be
      done? The application I am writing is quite large and depends
      partially on modules I've written for other applications.

      Any comments, pointers or information would be greatly appreciated.


      Michael Witkowski

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